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Dealing with IRS Problems is tough enough without having to worry about who is going to represent you in front of the IRS.  You know you need someone who understands how the IRS works and can protect you, your family, your business and your assets from the onslaught of IRS abuse that goes along with most IRS Problems.


Making an educated decision in retaining the right Professional to help you solve your IRS Problem will protect you from the day to day barrage of IRS calls, letters and visits.  Don’t underestimate the importance of your decision on retaining the right Professional as most IRS cases take a fair amount of time to settle and you’ll need a great relationship for your Professional to protect you from the IRS through the entire process.


One way to find the right Professional is by asking a couple of simple questions to any Professional BEFORE you retain them to help you solve your IRS Problem.  All Professionals are not alike.  Do not be lulled into thinking that just ANY Professional can solve your IRS problem.  Here are a couple of good questions to start with before you hire a professional to represent you in front of the IRS:


1.      How much do you charge for an initial consultation?


 Choosing a professional to help you end your IRS problems is a personal decision much like choosing a doctor you like.  You need someone competent and knowledgeable, but you also need someone who cares, who listens and is willing to take some of his or her own time to get to know you and your IRS problem.

Professionals who represent taxpayers in front of the IRS should provide you a free consultation to get to know you and your problem. Our office always provides taxpayers a free IRS tax case consultation to help them decide if they like us and want us to help them solve their IRS Problems.


2.     Can you solve my IRS problem for a fixed fee? 


Don’t you hate paying professionals who quote you one price and then charge you a higher amount?

Professionals who solve IRS Problems should charge you a fixed fee.  Otherwise how are you supposed to know what it’s going to cost you?  Using a professional who will not agree to charge you a fixed fee is the same as going to the grocery store… filling your shopping cart with food marked with one price and when you get to the checkout counter the clerk charges you a higher price for each item. 


You would never put up with such treatment at the grocery store…so why accept such treatment from a professional you hire to solve your IRS Problem?  Personally, we like to treat our clients the same way we want to be treated.  If a professional tells us a service costs a certain amount… then it’s up to us to decide if the value of the service is worth the cost.  I can only make this decision when I know the total cost of the service. 


Personally we hate hourly billing and getting statements from professionals, which make absolutely no sense. We suggest that instead of just walking away from any professional that does not provide IRS Problem Solving services for an agreed upon fixed fee…that you run away!  Our office only charges fixed fees to help taxpayers solve their IRS Problems and EVERY agreement is in writing to protect the client.


If you are currently struggling with an IRS Problem and need immediate help… please call the direct line to our office at 210-678-3075 and ask for the next available appointment for a free initial consultation.




Four costly misconceptions that most people have about dealing with the IRS.


Number 1.  In most cases you do not have to personally meet with the IRS to discuss anything.  Don’t let the IRS intimidate you into telling them anything.  You do not have to.  Instead you can select to have your own representative (e.g., an attorney) meet or talk to the IRS at some other location.  This means no intimidating meetings with the IRS in your home or business. The only time the IRS can make you appear and provide information is if they summons you.  This is extremely unlikely.


Number 2.  You do not have to sign anything the IRS provides you until you have had your representative review and approve it.  Never sign anything from the IRS unless you completely understand the repercussions.  You may be giving up some of your rights or extending the time the IRS has to audit you or attempt to collect taxes from you. 


Number 3.  The IRS is not always right…even though they may think they are. Always ask for more when dealing with the IRS.  Just because the IRS says that the tax laws entitle you to such and such…ask for more.  This could be more time to file, more time to pay, for an adjustment in your favor during an audit, to pay less than you owe, to have the IRS get rid of penalties, to stop the interest they are charging you ….ask for anything that benefits you!  If you don’t… I guarantee the IRS will not give you something you have not asked for.  All they can do is say no…so don’t be afraid to ask.


Number 4.  If you do decide to talk to the IRS…then only give them information that they ask for specifically.  Do not provide them anything else. Remember that you have the right to stop any IRS questioning at anytime by telling the IRS Employee that you want or need legal representation. If you find yourself in any uncomfortable conversation or meeting with the IRS and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach that things are not going well …then stop talking!  Tell the IRS employee that’s it…refuse to answer any more questions until you get legal representation.  If they give you a hard time… immediately ask them for their managers name, title and direct phone number.  Try to remember what you told them before you decided to stop talking and schedule an appointment to meet with a professional who represents taxpayers in front of the IRS.

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